5 ULLU Web Series crossed all the limits of bold scenes Don’t watch this at home

OTT platform Ullu is known for adult content. There are more than one hot web series on this app. This adult web series has made the audience sweat. Out of these web series, we have brought you the 5 most bold web series, which can be seen only when you are alone in each. So let’s know about these web series one by one.

The choice

Among the steamy web series we are talking about, the first name that comes to mind is The Choice. This web series from Ullu App is the story of a love triangle, complete with bold scenes. When you watch this web series, keep in mind that you should not have anyone around.

Melting cheese

The web series Melting Cheese, released only in 2018, is a suspense thriller web series. The bold content of this web series had blown people’s senses.

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Mona Home Delivery

Mona Home Delivery is one of the hottest web series of Ullu . This is a comedy drama web series, whose story also revolves around sexual content. After its release, this web series was in discussions for a long time.


5 Don't watch all the limits of bold scenes crossed in Ullu Web Series

In this web series of Ullu app, a woman has 4 husbands, in which the fifth son of the family himself refuses to accept this ritual of the family, later how he too falls in love with that woman, this web series is the story of A lot of bold scenes have been inserted in this web series as well.

Anniversary surprise

5 Don't watch all the limits of bold scenes crossed in Ullu Web Series

The last web series of our list is Anniversary Surprise. This web series is also full of bold scenes. If you want to watch this web series woven around the story of Murder Mystery, then you have to watch it secretly from your family members.

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