7th Pay Commission: Holi gift to Central Employees! Govt may give Rs 10,000 as Festive Advance

The Modi Government may Give big Gifts to Government Employees in Holi

New Delhi: Central employees have long been demanding an increase in love allowances. The increase in DAs is expected to be approved at a March 14 cabinet meeting. The government could increase the allowance by 3 percent.

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Government employees and pensioners can make a big gift at Holi Center. A cabinet meeting on March 16 is expected to decide on the increase. At the meeting, the allowance can be increased from 31 percent to 36 percent. The decision by the Narendra Modi government will benefit more than 50 lakh government employees and more than 4.5 million pensioners. As per the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the government is calculating the basic salary. Today, March 10, the model code of conduct will be repealed after the election results in five states. The government can then decide on the DA.

DA is currently available at a 31% rate

7th Pay Commission: Holi gift to central employees! Govt may give Rs 10,000 as festive advance

At present, government employees receive 31 per cent DA. The increase of 3 per cent will increase the salaries of government employees to a maximum of Rs 20,000 and a minimum of Rs 40. According to the AICPI (All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers), by December 2021, the DA had reached 36.06%. If the basic salary of an employee is Rs 18,000 per month, the new DA (36%) will get Rs 4,120 per month, i.e. Rs. Currently, Rs 5,590 is available at DA.

When did the DA begin?

Employee benefits are provided for the well-being of the employees and for the betterment of the food. DA changes are made every year in January and July. India’s favorite allowance was introduced in Mumbai in 1922. After that, the central government started giving preferential allowances to all government employees. Central employees’ DAs were doubled in July and October last year. In July 2021, the government increased Priyata Relief (DR) from 18 percent to 28 percent.

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