A twin baby girl was Born in Sambalpur District

A twin baby girl was Born in Sambalpur District

Sambalpur: A twin baby girl was born for the first time at Sambalpur District Sadar Medical College. Both babies born late at night are in critical condition. So they have been informed that they have been transferred to SNCU for further treatment. For the first time, a twin baby girl was born at Sambalpur Hospital. It is learned that he is being shifted from Sambalpur Sadar Medical College to Burla. Both infants have separate arms, legs, and heads, while the chest and abdomen are connected. The baby girl weighed 450 grams at birth.


A woman from the Rengali area was rushed to Sambalpur Sadar Medical College and Hospital by her family on Sunday due to labor pains. There, the woman gave birth to a baby girl. The woman’s family is very poor. He has sought government help in treating the newborn. It is learned that Kandhamal’s twin children, Jaga Baliya, were in the news one day. Their heads were cut off with the help of the government. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A similar scene was reported in July 2016. A baby girl with a chest and abdomen was born at the district hospital. But later both died.

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