Agneepath: Why is Indian Army criticized?

Agneepath: Why is Indian Army criticized?

Key features of the Agnibad project

  1. Age for recruitment – 17 to 21
  2. Educational qualification – 10th or 12th class pass
  3. The tenure will be for years
  4. After four years, it is estimated that 25 percent of the workforce will be made permanent.
  5. The jawans who are formalized after four years will be called Agniveer.
  6. First year salary 30 thousand per month
  7. 4 – 40 thousand rupees per month for the first year

Leaders of the indian Army’s 3rd Battalion have announced the ‘Agneepath’ policy on short-term recruitment in the Army. Defense minister Rajnath Singh on tuesday released details of the Agnibad project. The minister said that the cabinet Committee on Defense has taken a historic decision. “Today we are coming up with a revolutionary project called ‘Agnibad’ which will transform and further modernize our armed forces,” the defense minister said. The Defense minister said that under the ‘Agnibad’ scheme, indian youth would be given the opportunity to serve in the army under the name ‘Agniveer’.

The plan is to strengthen the security of the country and provide military service to our youth. You will all agree that the whole country, especially our youth, views the military with respect. Every child wants to wear a military uniform at some point in his life,” he said. Young people can be easily trained to adapt to the new technology and their health and fitness will improve. Under the Agnibad project, efforts are being made to make the indian army as young as the indian people,” said Rajnath Singh.

The Defense minister said that the ‘Agnibad’ project will increase employment. The skills and experience gained during the service of the firefighter will lead to employment in various fields. A better pay package for firefighters, a ‘service package’ after four years of service, and a ‘death and disability’ package. 

What is the Agnibad Project?

Under the ‘Agneepath’ scheme, the youth will get the opportunity to serve in the army for four years. The 25% of young people who join will then be made permanent. That means 25 out of 100 will have access to full-time service. Defense minister Rajnath Singh said the project would increase employment and strengthen the country’s security. The minister of Defense appealed to the youth to become firefighters. About 25 per cent of players retained after four years of service will be called ‘Agniveer’.

About 45,000 young people will be recruited for four years under the scheme, said Admiral R.S. hari Kumar said. women will also be included in the army’s firefighters, he said.

Young people hired under Agnipath have to undergo six months of training to get a permanent job. Their salary will be around 40 thousand rupees. Announcing the plan, army Commander Manoj Pandey said the plan was brought after extensive discussion and consultation with all concerned. Recruitment under the Agnibad scheme will start within the next 90 days i.e. within three months.

According to the Ministry of Defense, ‘Agnibad’ is a merit-based recruitment program across india for recruitment to the armyair Force and Navy. The program will provide the opportunity for young people to serve in the regular cadre of the Armed Forces. They will be employed with a good financial package for 4 years of service including training period. After four years, 25% of firefighters will be regularized based on centralized and transparent methods. Those interested in joining can apply voluntarily for recruitment in the regular cadre.

“The Agnibad scheme will provide a good monthly salary of Rs 30,000 per month for all firefighters and up to Rs 40,000 per month for the fourth year. The Defense minister said that the Agnibad project would play a key role in transforming the indian army into a world-class army. india is one of the largest recruiters in the military. The indian army has 14 lakh personnel.

The desire to join the army has been strong among indian youth for a very long time. Every year 60,000 people retire from the indian Army. The army runs more than 100 camps for open recruitment to these vacancies.

Criticism against the Agnibad project

The recruitment process in the Agnibad project is called the ‘Tour of Duty’. Anit Mukherjee, of the S Rajaratnam school of international Studies in Singapore, told the BBC: “Appointing short-term players to replace professional players will have an impact on efficiency.” Sushant Singh, a senior member of the Center for Policy Research, was not enthusiastic about the project. If young men join the army for a short period of time, they will leave the army by the age of 24. He pointed out that this would only increase unemployment in the country.

“Do you really want to expel the large number of young men who have undergone military training? Will these young men return to the same community where violence has already increased? Do you want these ex-servicemen to become police and guards? But will there be a group of unemployed youth ‘fighters’ trained in handling weapons?” That is my fear, “said Sushant.

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