Angelo Moriondo Espresso Machine || Espresso Machine

Angelo Moriondo Espresso Machine || Espresso Machine

Google Doodle: If you are also a coffee lover, then definitely know who was the godfather of this machine, in whose memory Google made Doodle today

Angelo Moriondo’s Doodle

Angelo Moriondo Espresso Machine || Espresso Machine

Today Angelo Moriondo has been remembered in a very special way through Google Doodle. Along with this information has also been given about their achievements. Today, three animations have been used in the doodle, in which the coffee machine and it is shown using it. Let’s go through the details about Angelo Moriondo, the godfather of the coffee machine. Also Read – If you want to buy a new smartphone, then wait a little, these devices are going to be launched this month

Who was Angelo Moriondo?

Angelo Moriondo was born on 6 June 1851 in the Turin city of Dutley into a commercial family. Some of his family members were associated with some business. Talking about Angelo Moriondo, he is called the Godfather of the coffee machine. He made an incomparable coffee machine which is used today in every world. Today people like to drink coffee when they are tired and you will find coffee vending machines everywhere. With the help of which coffee comes in hand in a pinch. Angelo Moriondo was the inventor of this machine. Also Read – Amazon is giving a chance to win 40 thousand rupees, just have to do this small work

Espresso Machine

Three animations have been shared in the doodle created today. In which from the invention of the coffee machine to its use has been shown. As soon as you click on this animation, a new page will open, where news and information related to Angelo Moriondo have been given.

Google shared Angelo Moriondo’s doodle, made the first espresso machine to see customers waiting for coffee

Angelo Moriondo Birth Anniversary:

Today is the birthday of Moriondo, who is called the Godfather of all espresso machines. He introduced his espresso machine for the first time in the year 1884.

Google today celebrated the 171st birth anniversary of inventor Angelo Moriondo by sharing a cute doodle. Morionado is the god of espresso machines

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