Bihar Diwas 2022 : The main program on Bihar Diwas being held at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

Bihar Diwas: Colorful start of Bihar Diwas at Gandhi Maidan, Patna, drone showed art in the sky

Bihar Diwas The view of Gandhi Maidan in Patna is being made on the occasion of Bihar Diwas. The stalls decorated with colorful lights are attracting the attention of the people. All the ministers including Chief Minister Nitish Kumar participated in the program of the first day.

Patna, live informations team. Bihar Diwas 2022 Celebration: On the occasion of Bihar Diwas, the view of Gandhi Maidan in Patna is being seen. Attractive stalls and all kinds of tableaux built amidst colorful lights are making people feel the pride of Bihar. The process of coming to the Gandhi Maidan and the events of the common people had started from Tuesday morning itself. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar formally inaugurated it in the evening. During this, a cultural program was presented along with the Bihar song. With the help of 500 drones, various figures were made in the sky and the pride of Bihar was told and the message of water-life-greenery was given. During this, the Chief Minister narrated the glorious past of the state. He honored the toppers of the Inter examination.

On this occasion, the building construction minister of Bihar government, Ashok Choudhary said that Bihar is achieving its glory under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. Presiding over the program, Education Minister Vijay Choudhary spoke. Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad also spoke about the work being done for the development and pride of Bihar. After the inaugural session, well-known singer Kailash Kher entertained the people in a cultural program.

Education Minister Vijay Choudhary narrated the story of the formation of Bihar as a separate administrative unit after the partition of Bengal. He also threw light on the country’s freedom movement and the role of Bihar in it. He mentioned from Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki to Dadabhai Naoroji, who carried out the revolutionary incident in Muzaffarpur. He said that the date of 22 March is very important for Bihar, but no government has paid attention to it. After becoming the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar understood the importance of 22 March and established the glorious tradition of Bihar in front of the common people.

The difference between the old meter and smart prepaid meter is being shown in the pavilion of the Energy Department at Gandhi Maidan. People’s questions are also being answered about the rumors about smart prepaid meters. Its achievements in the field of electricity are also being told by the Energy Department. The difference between smart meter and old meter is being demoed in front of the people who came to the stall. The work being done in the field of solar energy is also being told in this pavilion. In the field of solar energy, information about grid connected solar power plants, solar inverters, net energy meters and solar street lights will be given.

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