Bihar Diwas 2022 || How is Bihar 110 years old as a state, know on this Bihar Day

Bihar Diwas 2022: How is Bihar 110 years old as a state, know on this Bihar Day

Bihar Diwas 2022: Every year the Bihar government issues a notification in which a public holiday is declared to celebrate 22 March as Bihar Diwas.

Bihar Diwas: Bihar Diwas is celebrated on 22 March


  • Bihar came into existence in 1912 after separating from Bengal.
  • Bihar is completing 110 years of formation in 2022.
  • Bihar Day is celebrated every year on 22 March.

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Bihar, a witness to the golden history of India and the birthplace of personalities like Sita and Guru Nanak Dev, is not just a state. This is the place of Vedas and natural beauty. This state, full of historical sites, fertile land and diversity, is unique in itself and Bihar Day is organized to celebrate the formation of this unique state. Bihar is a state which gives its service in many competitive examinations every year.

Bihar Diwas History

In 1912, the British gave a new identity to Bihar by separating it from the Bengal province and in 2022 Bihar is completing 110 years of its formation. Bihar Diwas is celebrated every year on 22 March to mark the formation of the state of Bihar. On this day the British created the state from Bengal in 1912. Bihar Diwas is a public holiday in Bihar every year.

Bihar Divas was started by the Bihar government on a large scale during the tenure of Nitish Kumar. Not only this, Bihar Day is also celebrated on a large scale in countries like Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago and Mauritius apart from India.

Every year the Bihar government issues a notification in which 22 March is declared as a public holiday to celebrate as Bihar Diwas. This holiday is applicable to all the offices and companies under the jurisdiction of the state and central government as well as the day is also celebrated by organizing various programs attended by the students in the schools.

Establishment of Bihar

The history of Bihar is very old but due to the partition of Bengal in 1912, Bihar came into existence as a state. Orissa was separated from it in 1935. The rebellion of Champaran in Bihar during the freedom struggle is counted as one of the important events in spreading the rebellion against the British. After independence there was another division of Bihar and in 2000 the state of Jharkhand was separated from it. Bihar also played an important role in the Quit India Movement.

Bihar a Major Educational Center

You must have heard about education in India while studying the history of India. At one time Bihar was counted among the major centers of education. Nalanda University, Vikramshila University and Odantapuri University were the glorious learning centers of ancient Bihar. Although the education system of Bihar is in a very poor condition at present due to many reasons, but the effort is to free itself from the debt of the motherland by making it a major educational center once again. Due to the deteriorating education system of the state, today the youth of Bihar are making Bihar proud by waving their flag in many competitive examinations of the country.

State Song of Bihar

The state song of Bihar is ‘Kanthar of Mere Bharat, Tujhko Shat-Shat Vandan Vihar’. The song was officially adopted in March 2012. This state song has been sung by eminent flute player Hariprasad Chaurasia and famous santoor player Shivkumar Sharma. The famous poet Satyanarayan has given words to this song.

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