BJP Wins Again, Arvind Kejriwal’s Lost In Elections

Padma blossoms in 4 states, broom in Punjab!

New Delhi: The mandates of five states have come. The BJP has won the by-elections to form a government in four states, curbing all hopes and fears. Problems such as inflation, farmers and unemployment were expected to stifle the BJP’s neck. However, the BJP’s game plan has dashed the hopes of the opposition. The BJP has won a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur. This means that the BJP is going to form a government here again. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” In Punjab alone, the BJP has not been able to do so. Here, Arvind Kejriwal’s app alone has made a new history by winning 42 of the 119 seats alone. The other four states are BJP-affiliated.

Source:- TOI

Out of 403 seats in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has won 104 seats so far and is leading in 190 seats. If such a trend continues, the BJP will win 24 seats in the state and form a government for the second time in a row. In 2014, the party won 312 seats alone. Similarly, the BJP won 322 seats in favor of the BJP. However, the BJP’s Mentor seat has been reduced. However, the BJP has easily achieved the magic number 202 needed to form a government. The Samajwadi Party, which is gearing up to crack down on the BJP, has more seats than it did in 2014. But the party did not get the number it needed to form a government. The SP has won 32, leading the way in 9. Mayawati’s BSP won one seat.

The Congress is limited to two seats. Two seats have been lost in favor of independent candidates. With the BJP set to form a government in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath will be the next Chief Minister. In Punjab, the app has shown its magic. The app has seized power by defeating Congress. The AAP has won 72 of the 119 assembly seats, while the Congress has won 14, the BJP, the Akali and nine others. After winning the AAP, Bhagwant Man will be the next Chief Minister of Punjab. No political party has had a clear majority in Goa to form a government. The ruling BJP has won a maximum of 20 seats out of 40 in the state. However, the magic number for forming a government here is 21. The Congress won 12 seats behind the BJP, while the AAP and TMC won two seats. Similarly, independent candidates have won four seats. Three of the four have declared support for the BJP. So in Goa, the BJP will form a government again. However, the decision on whether Pramod Sawant will be sworn in as Chief Minister again will be taken at a meeting of the BJP Legislative Party.

In Uttarakhand, the BJP has clearly got a lot. In Uttarakhand, the BJP has won 40 of the 40 seats. Leading the other eight seats. The number of leaders is so high that even in these four Yak seats, the BJP is somehow guaranteed to win. This means that the BJP will win eight seats alone in the state. In 2014, the party won 56 seats. Although the BJP has lost a number of seats, it has easily won the magic number 36 to form a government. The Congress won 15 seats and is leading in three more. You have not been able to open an account here. Similarly, other parties have won four seats. While the AAP has formed a government in Punjab, the inability to open accounts in Uttarakhand has taken everyone by surprise. On the other hand, the defeat of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has raised concerns among state and central BJP leaders.

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