CBSE’s Extreme Negligence Towards Oriya language, 10th Class Term-1 Exam Question Paper Errors

CBSE’s extreme negligence towards Oriya language, 10th class term-1 exam question paper errors

Bhubaneswar: Complaints of extreme negligence towards the Oriya language. The allegations were made against the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSEE) under the Union Ministry of Education. It has been alleged that there was an error in the Oriya subject question paper of the 10th class term-1 exam. Of the answers given in the multiple choice questions, 20 were incorrect. The examiner was confused.

There were some questions that the children did not understand. False information about the great revolutionaries of Odisha, such as Buxi Jagbandhu and Jayi Rajguru, was misrepresented. The students struggled to comprehend the questions and wrote the correct answers, but they did not get the right marks. Parents have complained that the student’s mark has been reduced due to incorrect assessment of the wrong question paper. “It simply came to our notice then. They said 20 questions were answered incorrectly. Regional officials promised parents that this would be considered, but no action was taken. Neither the CBSE headquarters nor the regional authorities paid any attention to the child’s problems.

That’s why students are now being harassed. School authorities contacted CBSEE regional officials, but they did not respond. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. While the Oriya Union Ministry of Education is in charge, the paternalistic attitude towards the Oriya language has caused deep discontent among the people.

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