Dial this number if you are a victim of online fraud, get immediate help

Dial this number if you are a victim of online fraud, get immediate help

New Delhi: With the advancement of technology, online fraud is on the rise It has become a daily occurrence to withdraw money from a bank account with a false identity on the phone. The Government of India has issued a helpline number to crack down on scammers. You can file a complaint with this helpline number about fraud Let us tell you about the filing process –

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The Government of India has launched helpline number 155260 to assist in online fraud cases. Any complaints related to cyber fraud can be registered at this helpline number. It is run by the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center with the help of RBI, Payment Bank and other major banks.

The case will be referred to the state police after calling 155260. The police operator will file fraudulent transaction details and other personal information. Police register complaints in the form of ‘Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting and Management System’ tickets. That ticket is shared with the local bank, wallet

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An acknowledgment number is sent via SMS to the victim’s mobile number. It has a link where you have to fill in all the information within 24 hours Your ticket will show up on the bank’s reporting portal Details will also be checked on the bank’s internal system If the money is in the defendant’s account, the bank will hold it and its withdrawal will be suspended. The accused will not be able to withdraw that money. If the money is transferred to another account of the scam, the bank will create a ticket for another bank and there will be a restriction on withdrawing its money.

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