Do you know How many prizes are awarded to the IPL Cup winning team?

Do you know How many prizes are awarded to the IPL Cup winning team?

New Delhi: The largest and most expensive league in the world of cricket is the Indian Premier League. This year, the biggest cricketers in the world come to play in this league every year. Millions of dollars are spent on these players. But did you know? How much prize money is given to the IPL title-winning team 4? Not only the champions but also the four most successful teams are awarded prizes.

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So let’s find out which team will have the most in IPL 2022. The final match of the IPL4 will be played between the Gujarat Titans and the Rajasthan Royals. The winning team in this match 4 will be given a prize money of Rs 20 crore. This is one of the most important T20 leagues in the world. The team that lost in the final will be given Rs 13 crore. Last year, the figure was Rs 12.5 crore, which has been increased this year. In addition, the third and fourth teams in the IPL4 2022 will be given Rs 4 crore each. None of the different T20 leagues being played around the world offer so much prize money in any of the leagues. The Caribbean Premier League has the highest number of awards after the Indian Premier League. The Caribbean League title-winning team will be given Rs 7.5 crore.

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At the same time, more awards are available in the Bangladesh Premier League than in the Pakistan Super League. The Bangladesh Premier League has a net worth of Rs 7.34 crore, while the Pakistan Super League has a net worth of Rs 3.83 crore. The IPL started in 2006 and is currently in its 15th season. The IPL4 is the most watched cricket league in the world. In its first season, the champion team earned Rs 4.6 crore. This prize money has now nearly tripled. The Chennai Super Kings, who won the title last year, were awarded Rs 20 crore. Which will have the same prize money this year as well.

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