Don’t Put these 7 Things in The Fire of Holly by Mistake? The Poor will Come Home

Don’t Put these 7 Things in The Fire of Holly by Mistake? The Poor will Come Home, Mother Lakshmi will Leave her Hand!

Don’t get me wrong, these four things will come home to the poor. Mother Lakshmi leaves with her hand and hand. Holi burns well over bad. But the fire that burns Holi shows how the whole year will go. Holi’s fire is believed to be on the east side. The rising of the east as a sign of the rise of religion and reform signals progress. Be careful if the Holi fire burns to the south, as any accidents can cause damage to animals.

If the fire of Holi burns in the north, it is the direction of the gods, and your desires will be fulfilled quickly. Even the god of wealth, Kubera, lives in this direction, so there is no problem with wealth. If the fire of Holi burns to the west, it means that the people living there will be slightly different from the rest of the year. It makes a big difference if the fire goes straight to the sky. There is a big change in that place. Problems in life go away. It is considered very good if the fire is moving southwest.

As a result, people living there do not have to spend a whole year on food and clothing. There is a lot of happiness. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month of Falgun. The next day, Chaitra celebrates the colorful festival of Holi. Holi is celebrated with love and color. Holastack falls 7 days before Holi. Doing good and good deeds at this time is forbidden. There are some special things that Holi must eat.

And there are some things in Holi that you have to offer to get out of trouble. Good deeds should not be done during the Holocaust. Holastack will eat good food on the day. Have fun Holly’s Holocaust Day must be something to eat. Worship requires water garland cow dung garland rolls rice incense flowers raw milk turmeric sliced ​​mung beans, dried coconut and wheat sand.

If your wishes have not been fulfilled for a long time, chase the raw yarn 4 times before the Holi burning, where the fire of Holi is decorated and kept. Add a small amount of Roli sandalwood, green beans, turmeric and dried coconut to Holi’s fire while the fire is burning. Your wishes will come true.

Holi should be sacrificed on the day of the burning. This means that throwing the sacrificial material in the fire of Holi is more beneficial and brings happiness and peace to the family. You can put wheat rice in it. Offering all this in Holocaust promotes peace and prosperity.

On this day, flour and mustard oil are offered, and on the day of Holika’s burning and the removal of violence from the body, the day of Holika flows into the river. This will cure all diseases. And there is happiness and peace in the home.

Make a meal of rice on the day of Holi’s burning and donate to the poor to get rid of anyone who has been insured for a long time. You feed the insured so that the poverty of the house will be alleviated.

This Day is Specially Applied:

Take a dried coconut and pour sugar and ghee on it and bow down to your East God and ask him to fulfill his desires and pray that the obstacles in the way of riches be overcome. Then you throw it in the fire of Holika. All problems in your life will be removed.

On the night of Holi’s burning, a ghee lamp should be lit on the north side of his house. The lamp will burn for half an hour, even if not all night. This will destroy the negative energy in the house.

There are 2 things that must be eaten on Holi day.

Must eat flour on this day. It brings a lot of happiness to your life. Serve the goddess Malpa on this day and serve yourself.

No one will eat white on this day.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for holly burns:
Old slippers will never be thrown on Holly’s feet. Because there is worship. Doing so leads to sin.

The old broom, old lady, will not throw it away. This is an insult to the fire god. Do not throw anything dirty in the fire of Holi. The ashes of Holi are burnt to ashes and brought home with love. It removes all the problems in life and brings happiness.

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