Experts say such a mystery? Learn how to live 100 years

Experts say such a mystery? Learn how to live 100 years

New Delhi: You must have heard of living in their faces for ages while blessing people. But if we look at it today, the age of a person is limited to only 60-60 years. But now it’s a good thing that, according to a recent study, it is possible for humans to live up to 100 years if people control their diet and fast from time to time. Not only will people live longer, but they will also feel healthier and fit for longer. This means that a proper plate of food can give you a long life.

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Roslyn Anderson, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, and Walter Longo, a professor at Leonard Davis School in the USA, have studied hundreds of nutritious foods over the past 10 years and found that fasting and other diets often lead to weight loss and weight loss. . Experts say it is still possible to live 100 years. All you have to do is adjust your diet.

In this regard, medical expert Dr. Shikha Sharma said that the way people are now taking their diet is also having an impact on their lives. Many people overeat or starve themselves. These two things prove to be very harmful to our health. “Eating less can lead to malnutrition, and eating too much can lead to high levels of uric acid in our bodies, which can lead to liver damage.” The second is that we need to eat more plant-based protein. We need to make sure that one day we include things like lentils, sprouts, and oilseeds in our diet. In addition, we need to practice fasting. It will make our bodies feel more active. People need to keep in mind that they need to reduce their sugar intake as much as possible.

Experts have identified foods that can help people live longer. Experts say people need to increase their plant-based protein, carbohydrates and fats in their diet, and reduce processed foods significantly. Not only can people live longer, they can feel better. Plus you can always be fit. If a person fasts one day a month, the body will feel healthier.

Experts also suggest that people should stay away from red meat and avoid processed meats and refined grains and sugar as much as possible. In fact, many proteins and amino acids increase hormone production. This enhances the body’s biological processes. Because of this the condition of our body deteriorates rapidly. Excessive protein intake can be deadly to our body.

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