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National Best Friends Day 2022: Wishes and messages to share with besties

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National Best Friends Day 2022: Wishes and messages to share with besties

National Best Friends Day 2022: Here’s a list of wishes, messages and quotes to share with your best friends on the special day and let them know how much they mean to you.

National Best Friends Day is celebrated every year on 8 June. Today is the day to celebrate friendship. In such a situation, you can send some shayari to your friends to tell your feelings on this special day.

Happy National Best Friends Day 2022 Wishes, Quotes, WhatsApp Stickers: It is said that ‘every friend is important.’ It is true that there are some friends in everyone’s life who are very special.

With these friends, you can face any problem (Whatsapp Stickers) with a laugh. In such a situation, do not forget to celebrate your friendship. For this, apart from Friendship Day, there is another day and that is ‘National Best Friends Day’.

Today i.e. on June 8, Best Friend Day is celebrated in the country, so you can make your best friend feel special in a way through WhatsApp.

You don’t need any occasion to celebrate friendship. However, to further strengthen the relationship of your friendship and increase love, you can message your friends today on the occasion of Friendship (Happy Best Friends Day 2022). We are telling you some special messages that you can send to your friends.

Send National Best Friends Day 2022 Stickers on WhatsApp like this

Step 1- If you also want to wish National Best Friends Day 2022 in a different way, then sending stickers will be very special.

Today there are many tremendous rewards, which will win the game in a pinch

Step 2- For this, first open your WhatsApp account and go to one of the chats. Also Read – Reliance Jio has done such an amazing thing, seeing that even the enemies standing across the border were stunned

Step 3- Click on the smiley icon given in the chat. Where at the bottom you will find the option of stickers.

Step 4- On clicking on the option of stickers, those stickers will open in front of you which you have downloaded earlier. If you’ve never downloaded a sticker, that page will appear blank.

Step 5- After this, click on the ‘+’ button there and tap on the Discover sticker app at the bottom.

Step 6- As soon as you tap, you will be taken directly to the Google Play Store. Where in the search bar you have to search by writing National Best Friends Day 2022.

Step 7- After this you will get many Stickers options of National Best Friends Day 2022. Select any one of these options.

Step 8- After this download and install that app and after install the open button will show, click on it.

Step 9- As soon as the app is opened, you will see many packs. Click on the pack you want to use and add it to WhatsApp by going to Add to WhatsApp.

Step 10- As soon as it is added on WhatsApp, all the stickers of this pack will start showing you by going to the option of stickers.

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shayari for friends

1) Friendship is a human need
Friendship rules over hearts
I am alive because of your love
Otherwise God also needs us
happy best friends day

2) Do not count in friendship,
who committed what crime
Friendship is a drug
what you did and i did too
happy best friends day

3) Sometimes quarrel and sometimes fun,
sometimes tears and sometimes laughs
Small moment and small happiness,
One love kayak and lots of fun,
Its only name is friendship
best friend day wishes

4) Habits are different from those of our world,
have few friends but are amazing
because of course our rosary is short
But flowers keep all the roses in it.
happy best friends day

5) Of course we got a little wait,
But we got the happiest friend in the world
No longer wishing for any paradise
We found that love in your friendship
best friend day wishes

6) Friendship is not a discovery,
It doesn’t happen to everyone everyday
Don’t underestimate us in your life
Because eyelashes are never a burden on the eyes
happy friendship day to friend

7) Let there be sweetness of love in the relationship,
never-ending feeling,
This life is too short to say
It will be long if you have a dear friend like you
happy best friends day

8) Life does not repeat history again
Missing friends at every turn in every moment
Life is lost in moments of friendship
Thinking of those moments makes our eyes moist
best friend day wishes

9) Time would have passed since then
Had not stumbled, would have survived
were just tied in the threads of friendship
Otherwise, when would it have been scattered?
happy best friends day

10) You will have everything in your heart,
The place is small but will be populated.
Even if we forget this era,
This lovely friendship will always be remembered.
best friend day wishes

Happy Best Friends Day Wish

1) Years later, went to the college canteen
the tea man asked
what to do with tea
i said i will meet old friends
best friend day wishes

2) Be indebted and loyal to those who give their time for you
Because, even Karna had the news of the result.
But it was about friendship
happy best friends day

3) There is no war in friendship,
there is no day
it’s a feeling
In which there is only dude.
happy best friends day

4) A friend who understands your tears
She is more valuable than all those many friends
who only know your smile
happy best friends day

5) The few moments of the evening we spend together
When we are with you, we smile from our heart.
happy friendship day to friend

6) friend is that
When you stop, move on
talk when you’re alone
Be your guide when you’re looking for something
And make you laugh when you’re sad.
happy friendship day

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