IPL 2022 Delhi Vs Rajasthan

IPL 2022: Delhi bowling decision to win toss against Rajasthan

Mumbai: The Rajasthan Royals and the Delhi Capitals will meet in the 58th league match of the IPL-202. Both teams have been working hard since then. The Capitals are aiming to return to victory once again and keep the playoff hopes alive. The Capitals also plan to avenge the previous defeat. The Delhi Capitals decided to bowl after winning the toss in today’s match. There have been two changes in the team in Delhi. Chetan Sakaria has been included in the final XI in place of Lalit Yadav and Khalil Ahmed in place of Ripal Patel. Similarly, the Rajasthan team is coming down to the field with one change. Rossi Vander Dasen has a chance to play in place of Simran Hetmeyer.

Match 4 is very important for both teams. With the win, the Royals will try to get closer to the playoffs. The Royals will be in heavy form as each player is fit and in shape. The Capitals lost to Chennai Super Kings by 81 runs in less than two days. Team performance is essential to make the playoff dream a reality. Forgetting the previous defeat, the Capitals will do their best to win tomorrow. The Rajasthan Royals have played 11 matches and scored a total of 14 points with four wins. The Royals are third on the points table. The team will play 3 more league matches in the future.

Winning 2 of these matches will go straight into the playoffs. One victory can also lead the team to the playoffs. Despite losing the last three Yak matches, the Royals can enter the playoffs as the fourth team with 16 points. But for that, the other teams have to lose. The Delhi Capitals have played 10 matches and scored 10 points. The run rate is 0.150. The Capitals will face the Royals, the Punjab Kings and the Mumbai Indians in the last three matches, respectively. To enter the playoffs, the Capitals have to win 3 Yak matches. If one of the matches is lost, it will be difficult to reach the playoffs. The Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals, who have already scored 18 points, have lost the remaining two matches, while the Capitals have won the remaining three to two matches, but the play-offs are still possible.

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