IPL Full Form || What is IPL? || Top 10 Facts About IPL

IPL Full Form || What is IPL? || Top 10 Facts About IPL

Cricket is an AC game that almost everyone plays cricket in the country and also likes it a lot. But India is a AC country where people are crazy about cricket. Cricket in India is not a game but an emotion. Keeping all the same in mind, the Board of Control for Cricket in India started a new chapter of cricket in India and its name is IPL. It is one of the most popular games seen in today’s time.

Today, in this article, we are going to give you ideas about all the topics related to IPL and things related to IPL on this blog of ours. If you have come to this blog then it means you must be a fan of cricket. Do you also do not want to know IPL Full Form, what is IPL? All the information related to IPL, so to know all the information, you will have to stay with the blog till the end.

IPL Full Form? ( Full form of IPL)

The Full Form of IPL is Indian Premier League (Indian Premier League). Which is played for some states of India.

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Start of IPL (IPL History)

The BCCI announced franchise-based cricket after India won the 2007 ICC World Cup Twenty20. Whose name is IPL. Thereafter the year is held from 2008. It was sponsored by DLF till 2012. 2013-2014 Pepsi did the sponsorship, after that in the year 2015, the IPL sponsorship went to the smart phone company VIVO. VIVO did sponsorship for 2021 and Tata Group has taken sponsorship for 2022.

IPL Team Franchise

Job IPL was started then it was played between 8 teams as the game progressed, some teams were removed from the league due to some reason and new teams were added. For example, teams from the states of Pune and Gujarat also participated in this league, which are not in this league yet. IPL franchise was played from 8 teams from 2008 to 2021, but in this year i.e. 2022, teams from 10 franchises have participated. You must have known that bidding was done to participate in the franchise. The franchises which had bid more were met by the franchises of the teams. Similarly in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad,

How to earn in IPL (How teh IPL Team Owners Make Money)

IPL is one of the most popular and most money-spending league in the world. This year i.e. 2022, 561.5CR has been spent on 590 players in the IPL’s MEGA AUCTION. So let’s know how is the earning in IPL-

  • Sponsors
  • Telecast rights
  • Merchandising Sales
  • By Tickets
  • Prize Money
  • Brand Value
  • Sponsors

Interesting facts related to IPL (Facts of IPL)

  • In IPL, a team can keep 18 to 25 players. In this, domestic players live along with 8 foreign players.
  • In 2022, Tata Group has given Rs 670 crore for Title Sponsors for up to two years (2022-23).
  • IPL is broadcast in more than 18 countries in the world and HOTSTER has been given the right to broadcast on the internet.
  • Earlier, in the first IPL, Pakistan players were taken for auction as the game progressed, Pakistani players were banned from IPL.
  • Due to the IPL, India is getting entertained with watching a lot of new talent.


What is the full name of IPL?

Indian Premier League.( Indian Premier League)

How many IPL teams are there?

Before 2022 in IPL there used to be 8 teams but from 2022 there are 10 teams.

Who is the most dangerous team in IPL?

The most dangerous team in IPL is Mumbai Indians.

Will there be spectators in the IPL to be held in 2022?

So yes there will be spectators but with some COVID rules

Who gets the Orange Cap in IPL?

BATSMAN gets the highest number of runs.

Who gets Purple Cap in IPL?

The bowler gets the maximum number of wickets.


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