Lack of Paper in Sri Lanka, School Exam Canceled Indefinitely

Lack of Paper in Sri Lanka, School Exam Canceled Indefinitely

Colombo: Lack of paper in Sri Lanka. School students’ exams have been canceled due to a lack of paperwork. The move comes as Colombo is short of dollars to pay for paper imports, government officials said.

Education authorities said the week-long ‘term test’ (School4 exam), which runs from Monday to Monday, has been canceled indefinitely due to a severe shortage of paperwork. Since independence, the economic situation in Sri Lanka has been in dire straits since independence. According to the West’s Department of Education, school principals are unable to take exams due to the inability of foreigners to receive the required amount of paper and ink.

According to government sources, about two-thirds of the 4.5 million students in Sri Lanka have been affected by the non-importation of paper. Imports of not only paper, but also foreign commodities, such as food, fuel and medicine, have been reduced in Sri Lanka due to the foreign exchange crisis.

The Sri Lankan government has appealed to the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance to address the country’s foreign debt crisis, which has a population of 22 million. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also confirmed on Friday that it was considering a request from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to provide financial assistance. The government has also sought help from China, one of Sri Lanka’s lenders. However, no official response has been received from Beijing yet.

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