Learn about Goddess Subhadra’s ‘Darpadalan’ chariot

Learn about Goddess Subhadra’s ‘Darpadalan’ chariot

Devisubhadra’s chariot is called ‘Devadalan’. The chariot is also described in the scriptures as the Darpadalan, and the Padmadhwaj (lotus flag).

Chariot height – 6 feet 6 inches (former height 21 hands)
The chariot is – Jayadurga
Number of wood used in the chariot – 711 pieces
Number of chariot wheels – 12 in total
The chariot is located on the flag – the beauty of Tripura
The color of the chariot is black and red
The weapon of the chariot is Padma Kahnar
The name of the chariot chariot is Arjuna
The name of the chariot seat is Kampalya
Chariot horse color – blood color (red)
Rath Rakshayatri- Ugrachandi
Rath Rusi – Yajna Balakya
In the mouth or head of the chariot – Brahmavarta
Rathadhishwari – Jayadurga
The chariot deity is Sri Subhadra and Sri Sudarshan
Rath Devi – Shri and Bhu
Chariot Yaksha – Kingwalika
Bhairab- Kshetrapal

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In the chariot’s head – the eternal serpent
Chariot horse – 4. Their names are (Rochika, Mochika, Jita Aparajita).
Rath Gandharva- ha, ha
Chariot Aquarius – nectar, organism, body
The gatekeepers of the chariot are the Ganges and the Yamuna
In the Rusi Pata of the chariot – Bhrigu, Suprabha Bajra, Horni, Dhruba, Ulluk and the promoter Rusi Mandal.
The name of the chariot Dadhinauti is Hiranmayi
Horsepower of the chariot – Shaktisapta, Jaya, Vijaya, Ghodara, Aghora, Sukshma and Jnana
The name of the chariot pair of pigs is Suparna and Dvasuparna
Rath Ratna – Manikya
The name of the chariot is bright
The name of the leader above the wheel is Nadambika
Chariot driver – Kalanemi
Empty wheel-lamp on the bowl (handsome)
Chariot power – lunar clock
Dadhi nauti is the name of the upper Kalasatray – Para, Apra and Baikhari
The name of the crescent moon used in the chariot is the hero clock
The name of the chariot rope is the snake called the golden snake
Ratha Cham’s service – Sumedha Devi
Rathpala- Harihar
The scriptures say that in the vision of the Padmadhvaja chariot, all diseases and sorrows are destroyed by the pride of man.

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