Learn how to make delicious ‘Bessar’

Learn how to make delicious ‘Bessar’

The worshiped deity of Oriya is Kalia Saanta. There are 56 types of pleasures to the Lord every day. In the meantime, Bessar is very dear to the Lord. It is believed that by visiting Sreejee, devotees get as much satisfaction and satisfaction as they do from all the religions they attain. Because of its devotion to the preparation of this food, its taste and aroma are unique. Besar is one of the 56 victims of Kalia. The base of the shrine’s kitchen is very delicious. As much as black people like to eat baser, the general public also likes to eat baser. So let’s find out how to make it …

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Kakharu -1 kg

Tubers – 250 grams

250 grams of native potatoes

Portal-250 grams

Pomegranate-3 p.m.

Crab-250 grams

50 grams of sugar

Total spices – 150 grams

Hengu-3 grams

Ghee – 100 grams

Spices – mustard – 50 g, pan sweetness – 10 g, pepper – 10 g, cinnamon – 10 g, salt, turmeric, futon – (mustard, cumin, cinnamon), ginger coriander leaves – as required

Method – First cut the whole family into small pieces. Then mustard, sweet potato, phallus, black pepper, cut into pieces. Then cut the cocoa first, then the tubers, then the native potatoes, the spices, the coconut, the salt, the turmeric, the whole sola, the sugar, the hengu water, and the banana, the pot, the crab, and finally the cocoa. He sits on the stove claiming to be Bhav. After it has been pressed a little, it is rolled up and given a little water. Because all water is water. After all the vegetables are cooked, they come down and boil the mustard in ghee.

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