Before the good times come, Mahadev himself gives these 4 signs on Monday! Find out what they are

Before the good times come, Mahadev himself gives these 4 signs on Monday! Find out what they are

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is worshiped on Monday. Mahadev has many names. The story of Mahadev, the story is written in many myths. A person who worships with reverence of Mahadev gains the grace of Mahadev.

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By the grace of Mahadev, all the problems of wealth, starting with the disease, and the problems of the house, are solved. Many Puranas tell the story of Mahadev in which all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled.

Worship is also performed in the temple according to many Mahadev rituals. According to the Shiva Purana, if Mahadev is pleased with his devotees, he gives 9 signs on Monday. So let’s find out what those signs are.

1- It is auspicious and fruitful if a person gets up at the moment of Brahman and sees the moon. According to astrology, if a person has a lunar defect, he should make a vow on Monday.

2- It is auspicious if a person visits the white river on Monday. Because Nandi is the vehicle of Mahadev whose grace is always there. Nandi is also installed in the temple along with Mahadev. Because Nandi is a great devotee of Mahadev along with vehicles.

3- It is auspicious if you get a vision of the serpent god on Monday. This is because the serpent god himself is present in the neck of the Mahadev.

4- It is auspicious if a couple is seen sitting together on a Monday. This will make the marriage happier and the marriage will be happier.

5- It is auspicious if a black dog is seen standing outside the house on Monday. Because it eliminates poverty. Happiness and prosperity come at home.

6- It is auspicious to see a clay pot filled with water on Monday. Mother Lakshmi is blessed with happiness and peace in the house.

7- It is auspicious to see the ashes on Monday. Because Mahadev himself contains ashes. On Monday, the ashes were healed and the body was refreshed.

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