Money Heist Korea: How different is this Korea’s ‘Money Heist’, know everything about it

Money Heist Korea: How different is this Korea’s ‘Money Heist’, know everything about it

The Korean adaptation of ‘Money Heist’ is titled ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’. Who will become the professor and who will play the role of Tokyo in this show, know everything about this show.

5 years ago in the year 2017, the Spanish crime drama TV series came, which was named ‘Money Heist’. The show created panic all over the world. Its story not only gave people goosebumps, but each and every character made their place in the hearts of the people. Whether it is ‘Professor’ or ‘Tokyo’. Every actor impressed everyone with his strong acting. As the show became a hit, it was released in different languages. Apart from English, it is also available in Hindi, but the craze of this globally hit show is that it has now been adapted and made in Korea. Yes, the makers there were so impressed with this show that it has been made in Korean language. Let us tell you how different this Korean ‘Money Heist’ is from the real one.

The title of the Korean adaptation of ‘Money Heist’ is Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. In the press conference held in Seoul, the cast and creators have said a lot on the remake of this hit Netflix show. Ryu Yong-jae, writer of the Korean version of ‘Money Heist’, says that he was stunned by the original Spanish web series. It was only after seeing it that he decided to remake it.

Director Kim Hong-sun revealed that apart from its plotline, all the characters got everyone excited. Each character has its own personality and he has played it very well. He thought that if we translate the background and characters into Korean, we can give birth to a novel. This is how it got started.

Same but different..

You will get to see the original story in this Korean show, but from the character to the shooting location, everything will be changed. In this, famous actors of Korea will be seen acting in place of Spanish actors. Overall, except the story, everything else will be seen to be changed. The music, which was the hallmark of the original web series, will also not be heard and he will be seen wearing a Stars Hahoe mask instead of a Symbolic Dali mask. Let us also introduce you to those Korean actors, who are once again seen doing the world’s biggest robbery.For More Join LiveInfo

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