More Than 12 Old People will be Vaccinated, and The Elderly will get a Booster

From today, more than 12 people will be vaccinated, and the elderly will get a booster

New Delhi: The Talini Corona crisis. Important steps have been taken to protect children from the Corona epidemic. Since Wednesday, the federal government has announced a dose of booster dose for children between the ages of 12 and 14 and over the age of 40. For the first time in the country, children under the age of 18 have been vaccinated for the first time since January 3, 2022. On the one hand, the number of cases of coronary heart disease in the country is declining, while in China, the number of cases of coronary heart disease is on the rise again.

The coronavirus has reached endemic levels, such as the flu. Mutations are also expected to bring many new variants of Corona to the forefront. Even after taking a booster dose, no one is likely to be completely safe from coronary heart disease. India, on the other hand, has no provision for vaccination every year, with the coronary mutation. In India, however, there is no such thing as a “regular” vaccine.

According to Karun Sharma, director of the National Institute for Implementation Research, Non-Communication Diseases, ICMR, Jodhpur, the corona vaccine is unable to produce antibodies to the body on a long-term basis. “Even after vaccination, lifestyle changes are important, and a balanced diet is essential,” he said. This is because even after giving a booster dose, the immunity lasts only 6 months or a maximum of 1 year.

In India, the daily corona case is declining. The new version of the Covid virus has been relieved as a result of the omission. Initially, health experts are urging people to get rid of coronary heart disease. In addition to both Corona doses, booster doses are also being provided for Indian healthcare and frontline staff. Coronavirus vaccination is recommended for children over 12 years of age. In addition, vaccination tests are underway for young children. In some countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, vaccinations for children under the age of 12 have begun.

The number of daily coronary heart attacks in the country is below 3,000. The total number of infected people has risen to 4.3 million. At present, the recovery rate in the country has risen to 8.92 percent. The incidence rate is 0.06%. Coroner’s Omicron variant is rapidly spreading in China. Ten cities in China, including Shanghai and Tech Hub Shenzhen, have been shut down to prevent Corona’s new variant infection. As many as 1.80 crore people across the country have been forced to flee their homes. A record number of 5,280 new cases were registered in one day on Monday. More than 3,000 domestic transmission cases were reported in one day on Monday.

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