Odisha Class 10 Matric Exam From April 29

Odisha: Class-X board exams from April 29

Bhubaneswar: Good news for matriculation students. On Friday, Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra made an important announcement on the matriculation examination. This year’s high school certificate and intermediate exams will begin on April 28. The matriculation examination will start on April 28 and end on May 6. Similarly, offline testing will be done in three ways. The method with the highest marks will be considered the final mark. This test is mandatory for all students. He said there would be exams at his school, but teachers from other schools would be hired to manage.

Matric exam in Odisha to begin on April 29 & it will continue till May 6

Matric exam in Odisha to begin on April 29 & it will continue till May 6
Matric exam in Odisha to begin on April 29 & it will continue till May 6

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Odisha Govt makes important announcement for Class-X students; all you need to know

“For the past two years, the epidemic has been raging,” he said. This is the first time such an epidemic has been reported. Three waves have melted. It has affected mental, physical and economic strength. It has also affected reading. Many children have not been able to attend school. Schools are closed for lockdowns and shutdowns. Many have lost their mental balance. Last year, there was no 10th grade test for Corona. The test results were published in a new assessment method.

Odisha Matric Exam this year will commence on April 29 and continue till May 6: Chief Secretary

The situation has improved in the 2021-22 academic year. Similarly, the state government has held several talks for this year’s matriculation examination. The Council for Secondary Education has recommended the conduct of the Second Assessment Assessment 2, taking into account the demands and requests of students, parents, and educators. Opinions have been expressed for offline testing. Even one test a day instead of two. It has been decided that the test will be completed in a few days. The trial is set to begin at 9 a.m. However, he informed that the matriculation examination will be held from April 28.

Odisha Announces Dates For Matriculation

There will be an offline matriculation exam for everyone. The child’s account will be assessed in three ways. All students will take the Assessment Assessment 2 exams at their school. The child will take the exam at the nearest school if necessary. The Secondary School Education Council will issue guidelines. In the interest of the students, the marks in which the students put the good marks will be finalized. The first two are alternatives and the third is the new method.

Odisha To Conduct Offline Matriculation Examination From April 29

In the first case, the students’ marks will be doubled by the equivalent of 1 in the Assessment Assessment and one in the Internal Assessment. In the second phase, the marks will be awarded on the basis of the Assessment Assessment 2. The Assessment-2 marks will be doubled. The third method is 20% of the Internal Assessment from 1% to 30%. The mark will be scored with a score of 50 per cent from Comprehensive 2. Marks will be determined by adding different test results. “The final result will be the one with the highest number of students,” he said.

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