Prashant Kishore Attacks On Pm Modi Govt On Stage

The real battle will be in 2024: Prashant Kishore

New Delhi: The BJP is celebrating its return to power in seven states, including Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, political strategist Prashant Kishore has also commented on the results. On Friday, Prashant Kishore said that India would fight in 2024 and not in any state. Prashant Kishore tweeted that India would fight for 2024 and that the decision would be made only then. This is not going to happen to any state, you know. That is why they are trying to create an atmosphere in which they can win the state elections, so that they can put pressure on the opposition. Don’t fall prey to this mistake. “

In this regard, Prashant Kishore has made it clear that the BJP is trying to create an atmosphere for 2024 after winning the state and it is not necessary to succeed. After the election results, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech on Thursday evening that when we won the 2014 general election, people said that the decision was taken only after the BJP’s big victory in 2014. Such a wise man would now say that after UP’s victory in 2022, there is a signal for 2024. He encouraged ordinary people as well to take part in solving this great task: “One of the things you and other people can do is keep up the pressure … there are going to be some difficult decisions for government”.

Prashant Kishore, head of the Indian Politics Action Committee, is currently working on an election strategy for the TMC. Prashant Kishore has been linked to TMC until 2024. In fact, TMC’s plan is to present itself as a national team in 2024. According to the strategy, TMC has increased its activity in many states, including Goa and UP. In the 2014 general election, the BJP won 14 seats in Bengal. It was only then that the TMC took Prashant Kishore with him, and since then he has been working on a strategy for Mamata Banerjee’s party.

The impact of the assembly election results is also being felt in Bengal. Encouraged by the BJP’s victory, the party’s Bengali unit has targeted the TMC. The party said on Thursday that Mamata Banerjee’s dream had been shattered by the results, which is why she has been planning to oust the BJP from the Center.

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