Russia rejected Russia’s bid at the UN

Russia rejected Russia’s bid at the UN, and India stayed away from the vote

Kiev: Today marks one month since the war between Russia and Ukraine On February 28, the Russian army invaded Ukraine. But even a month after the attack, Russia was unable to bow to Ukraine. Russia is currently facing another setback in the United Nations (UNSC). Russia suffered a major defeat at a meeting of the UN Security Council late at night. Russia has submitted a proposal to the UN Security Council to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. But for no apparent reason, Russia came up with the idea. Russia’s proposal was cut by 13-2 votes. India also once again abstained from the vote Only Russia and China voted in favor of the proposal.

India has once again proved that we are neutral in the Ukraine war by not voting on Russia’s proposal at the United Nations. We are neither with nor against anyone Earlier, India had taken a similar stance on Western condemnation of Russia, which many NATO countries have questioned.

Russia may have lost to the UN Security Council, but Ukraine is rapidly consolidating its position. Almost all port cities, including Kherson, Mariopol, and Odessa, are located under the Black Sea. The Russian Red Army from northern Belarus is tightening its siege in the Russian capital, Kiev. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Kabul police station. But the mood of Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin has not shaken. In the midst of bombs and missiles flowing from the sky, Zelensky Kiev took to the streets and strongly urged Russia.

“We all need to stop this Russian attack,” said Zelensky of Volodymyr. The world must stop this war I am grateful to those who support Ukraine, but the war continues. Terror continues against civilians. It’s been a month! Too long! My soul is in pain for all Ukrainians and for every independent person on earth. So I urge you to oppose the war!

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