Sidhu Musewala murder: Lawrence Bisnoi arrested

Sidhu Musewala murder: Lawrence Bisnoi arrested

Punjab: The news of the murder of the late Punjab singer Sidhu Musewala has come to light. Punjab police have arrested gangster Lawrence Bisnoi in connection with the case. The Delhi High Court has formally allowed the arrest of Lawrence in the Sidhu murder case. Lawrence was produced in a Delhi court after his arrest. The transit remand application filed by the Punjab Police is now pending, a Delhi court said. The Delhi Police, on the other hand, sought Lawrence’s remand, but the court granted the Punjab police’s request.

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Two appeals were filed in court by the Punjab Police. In one application, Lawrence was arrested and the other was remanded in custody. The court first allowed the Punjab police to be arrested. The court also agreed to remand him in transit in the evening. The Punjab government told the duty magistrate of the Patiala House Court that “there will be 50 police officers to take Lawrence from Delhi to Punjab.” Twelve additional vehicles with two bullet proof cars will go at the same time. Vehicles will be videotaped on the road leading to them. “All the rules that the Supreme Court has to follow when transferring prisoners from one prison to another will be taken into account.”

Sidhu Musewala was reportedly shot dead on May 28 in Mansar, Punjab. After the incident, Canadian gangster Goldie blamed himself for the murder. Punjab police have launched an investigation into suspicions that Musawala was behind the killings as Lawrence was a close associate of Lawrence in Tihar Jail.

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