State Election Results! Modi’s Magic was Heavy on Everyone

5 State Election Results! Modi’s Magic was Heavy on Everyone

New Delhi: The BJP won a landslide victory in the 2014 general elections, but just a year later, the country was plagued by the Karona epidemic and the peasant movement. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. On the one hand, the peasant movement in western Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a major issue, while on the other hand, there have been talks of replacing three Uttarakhand chief ministers. But despite the opposition’s desire to take advantage of the situation, the BJP’s recent election results have been in favor of the BJP. In four of the five states, the BJP is on the verge of forming a government with victory. The victory of Uttar Pradesh in particular is important for the BJP, where one party is returning to power after 35 years.

The BJP is Moving Towards Forming a Government with Four Victories

In Uttarakhand, the chief minister was replaced but did not go against the BJP. This is the first time since the formation of Uttarakhand in 2000 that a single party has won power for the second time in a row. In Manipur, the BJP has emerged as the single largest party, winning 25 of the 40 seats. It is clear that he is in the process of forming a government. In Goa, which has 40 seats, the BJP is leading in 14 seats. This means that the BJP is winning the election 4-1 this time. Modi magic is also believed to be behind this big victory. Opposition leaders and some political analysts believe that Modi’s magic is weakening, but the result has been proven wrong. Find out how heavy Modi’s magic is …


In all the states, including Uttar Pradesh, the BJP discussed free food and housing. The BJP has widely publicized all the schemes like PM housing scheme, ration scheme and Ujwala. At almost every meeting, CM Yogi Adityanath said that 15 crore people in the state were being given free rations. But the plan belongs only to the central government. In this case, the central government’s welfare plan is in place and its impact is believed to be visible.

After the 2014 victory in Uttarakhand, the BJP appointed RSS preacher Tribhuvan Singh Rawat as its CM. But when the situation changed, Tirath Singh Rawat was appointed CM in place of Tribhuvan Singh and he was removed a few months ago and Pushkar Singh Dhami was replaced. Such instability was believed to be detrimental to the BJP, but if the results were to be seen, it was in the BJP’s favor. This is Modi’s magic, for which the party has achieved a great victory despite all the instability. The victory is so big that former Congress CM Harish Rawat himself lost the Lalkua seat.

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