The Bridal Bus Crashed into the Wreckage, Killing at least eight people and injuring more than 40 others In Hyderabad

The bridal bus crashed into the wreckage, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 40 others

HYDERABAD: A bus crashed on Seshachalam Ghati road in Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh late Sunday night. The bus fell about 100 feet from the valley. At least eight people were killed and at least 40 were injured in what became known as the Cold War. Among the dead were two women and a bus driver.

A bus crash took place between Madananapale and Tirupati, a few kilometers from Tirupati, a pilgrimage site. The bomber struck shortly after 10:30 a.m. Saturday. According to Tirupati (Urban) police, about 50 members of a family and their friends were on their way to Tiruchirappalli, about 5 km from Tirupati town, in a private bus. They left the house on Sunday morning to attend the 24-year-old Malishetti Venu’s Nirvandha celebrations.

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They ate at a bar in Piler at around 9pm and left for their destination. After crossing the Donakoti Gangama temple on the Vakrapate Ghat road on the Seshachalam hill road, the driver lost control of the steering wheel and the bus fell into a deep ditch. No one noticed for more than two hours after the crash. There was no mobile signal in the valley, police said.

Late at night, some passersby heard the screams and reported the matter to the Chandragiri police. Some of the bus passengers struggled to get out of the bus, while others were trapped inside. “The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” she told the Associated Press. As many as 24 people were taken out of the bus by midnight and taken to Ramchandra Rua Hospital in Venkateshwar, Tirupati, where eight bodies have been recovered, a police official said.

Special police forces from Tirupati and Chandragiri participated in the rescue operation along with firefighters. Tirupati (Urban) Superintendent of Police Venkata Apala Naidu rushed to the spot and supervised the rescue operation. Additional Superintendent of Police Supraja and other senior officials assisted in transporting the victim’s body to the hospital. So far, however, no response has been received from Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Reddy or his office.

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