The people of this village are more likely to fall asleep, go to bed and go to bed

The people of this village are more likely to fall asleep, go to bed and go to bed

When you get a good night’s sleep. A person prefers to go to bed after work. Some people wake up after 2 to 4 hours of sleep. Others sleep for seven or eight hours. But there is a village in Kazakhstan where people sleep when they walk. Not only this, with the help of this tool you can do a lot of sleep.

In fact, in the village of Kalachi, Kazakhstan, people sleep so much and sleep so much that no one can imagine. Located in the northern part of Kazakhstan, the villagers suffer from a mysterious sleep disorder. When these people fall asleep once. They do not wake up for many days and months. The first case of sleep deprivation was reported in the village of Kalachi in 2010. Some of the children suddenly fell asleep at school and fell asleep. Since then, the number of people suffering from the disease has been on the rise. Since then, many scientists around the world have been researching the village.

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Doctors and scientists have not yet been able to diagnose the disease. How have people been sleeping for so long? That is a mystery. However, doctors say it is caused by contaminated water. For this reason the village is now also called ‘Slip Hole’. The population of Kalachi village is about 400. About 14% of the population in the village is infected. The most amazing thing about the people of this village is that they have this disease.

They do not know that they are asleep. This means that people with the disease will fall asleep at any time, anywhere. Then they sleep for several days. There was a uranium mine near the village of Kazakhstan. Which is currently closed. The mine was exposed to toxic radiation. According to reports, people are suffering from this strange disease due to the mine. However, there is still no radiation in the village.

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