The Prime Minister’s advice is to maintain soil fertility and productivity

The Prime Minister’s advice is to maintain soil fertility and productivity

New Delhi: India has taken a number of steps towards environmental protection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said. While Western nations are more responsible for climate change, India’s role is negligible. But India is playing an important role in resolving it. Addressing a rally on the occasion of World Environment Day at the Science Building in New Delhi today, the Prime Minister said India was adding 10 per cent ethanol to petrol. Which is more than the target in just 5 months. Western nations, however, are exploiting nature and investing more in natural resources, which has become a major cause of carbon dioxide emissions. The Government of India is working towards environmental protection through messages like Swachh Bharat Mission, Namami Ganges and One Sun and One Grid.

Speaking at a function organized by the Isha Foundation, the Prime Minister said that farmers in the country were not aware of soil health in the past, which was a source of concern. Soil health cards have proven to be very useful in this regard. The Prime Minister informed that more than 22 crore soil health cards have been distributed to farmers across the country. This year, the central budget has allocated more money for natural agriculture. Farmers on the banks of the Ganges have been encouraged to take up natural farming.

The Prime Minister's advice is to maintain soil fertility and productivity

The Ganges Corridor has been announced to promote natural agriculture. On this occasion, the Prime Minister emphasized the five points of maintaining soil fertility and productivity. Mr Modi urged the government to focus on decontamination of the soil, preserving the organic quality of the soil, maintaining humidity, preventing soil erosion due to groundwater depletion and continuously extracting oil and preventing forest degradation.

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