TV Celebs Failed Marriages: श्वेता तिवारी ही नहीं ये हसीनाएं भी हैं प्यार में सुपर फ्लॉप, दूसरी शादी भी हुई फेल

TV Celebs Failed Marriages: These actresses, who have failed to live together and maintain relationships, remain in the limelight every day. Let us know which names are included in the list.

TV Celebs Failed Marriages: The entertainment industry is a place where relationships are formed and it’s hard to say when they’ll end up spoiled. This list includes some of the most beautiful women from Bollywood to TV. At first, they come into discussion among people by giving off their love and couple goals, but later on they break up and shock everyone. If we take a look at the famous beauties of TV, their personal life has been in a lot of controversies because not only did their marriage break once, but they couldn’t handle that relationship.

Shweta Tiwari is also a flop in marriage

Shweta Tiwari, who is known for her successful serials, has had a string of unsuccessful marriages. Her first marriage to Raja Chowdhary was a happy one, but it eventually deteriorated and they divorced, leaving behind a daughter, Palak Tiwari. Shweta then married Abhinav Kohli, but their marriage was short-lived and they divorced as well, leaving behind a son. Presently, the actress is single.

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Deepshikha Nagpal is also in the list

Deepshikha, who is known for her many successful TV shows, is living a single life. The actress has spoken many times about the breakdown of her marriage. Recently, this news was in discussion that at one time she was also very sad because of this. The actress had first married Jeet Upendra, but after breaking up, she had seven rounds with Keshav Arora, but this marriage also broke down.

Sneha Wagh is also a flop in marriage

TV actress Sneha Wagh is known for her work in many popular shows. However, her personal life has been plagued by unsuccessful marriages. Sneha was first married to Avishkar Darvekar, but the two eventually separated. She then married Anurag Solanki, but that marriage also ended in divorce.

Chahat Khanna was also unlucky in love

TV actress Chahat Khanna needs no introduction. Chahat, who looks doom from beauty to style, knows how to impress the fans, but she has also proved to be a flop in her personal life. Chahat married businessman Bharat Narasingham and after their breakup, she hooked up with Farhan Mirza. The actress had made a lot of headlines by marrying twice, but unfortunately, both her marriages did not last and she is single today.

Charu Asopa was also in controversies due to marriage

Charu Asopa is a single mother of a daughter today, but her journey to motherhood has not been an easy one. She has been married twice before, but both of those marriages ended in divorce. Her first marriage was to a man who she was with for only a year, and her second marriage was to Rajeev Sen, who she was with for six years before they got divorced. The reason for their divorce was not made public, but it is said that they tried several times to make their relationship work but eventually failed. Charu is currently seen in many serials and is an actress.

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