We want to end the Conflict, we never want war: Russia’s foreign minister

We want to end the conflict, we never want war: Russia’s foreign minister

New Delhi: Fighting between Russia and Ukraine continues. The war, which began on February 24, has claimed the lives of many people and damaged property. The Russian military continues to attack the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. But Russia has not had much success so far. “We want to end the current conflict, we never want the war,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, referring to the ongoing war.

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The report comes from Russian state news agency TAS Lavrov. According to Tass, Saroj Lavrov said that Moscow has never wanted a war and wants to end the current conflict. At the same time, Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin has told Russian leaders that his country’s attack on Ukraine will cost them dearly and that their people will hate it because of the financial constraints. “You (Russia) will definitely be sued for war crimes,” Zelensky of Volodymyr said in a video on Thursday.

The Ukrainian president said in a statement that the West had imposed “severe sanctions on Russia” and that “all Russians would be punished.” Russian citizens will hate Russian leaders, whom they have been cheating on every day for many years. The Ukrainian foreign minister said talks between senior Moscow and Kiev diplomats on ceasefire violations had not yielded any results. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kulebayev said he had discussed with Russia’s counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Turkey on Thursday about human rights violations and a ceasefire violation.

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