ZerodhaDown: People’s anger erupts on Twitter over Zerodha’s trading platform Kite

ZerodhaDown: People’s anger erupts on Twitter over Zerodha’s trading platform Kite

There is anger among people on Twitter about the online brokerage company Zerodha. The company itself reported connectivity issues on its flagship trading platform Kite via the Cloudflare network to certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on the microblogging site. Zerodha wrote in the tweet, “We are receiving reports of intermittent connectivity issues on Kite through Cloudflare network for users at certain ISPs. In that case, please try to use an alternate internet connection.”

Meanwhile, Cloudflare, reacting to the matter, said on Twitter that the team at Cloudflare is aware of the problem with the services and is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

In such a situation, news is coming that the services of almost all the clients of Cloudflare are down.

Soon after the news went viral on Twitter, users shared screenshots of Zerodha’s Kite platform. Some other people shared memes making fun of it. A Zerodha user wrote, “We are facing problems accessing Kite. This is not acceptable. Unable to login. While trading is not being done on the already logged in account. None of the features are working.”

While another user said that Zerodha is working properly for Reliance Jio users. He wrote, “Zerodha users can migrate to Jio network. It is working properly. Cloudflare network is unable to run Zerodha. It is not working on Vodafone either.”

Apart from this, netizens are giving different types of reactions. Some are saying that they are suffering a loss, who will compensate for it, while some are also making fun of this whole incident. For More Join LiveInfo

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